Ultra fast website hosting

Sustainable energy working towards Net Zero.

We believe that quality support is a right.

We don’t outsource our support staff, never have and never will. So when you need help you’ll speak to a native English speaker who has the ability and time to take ownership of your problem to see it through to a resolution.

Hosting Technology.

we use only the very best technologies. For you, that means blazing fast, ultra-reliable hosting with next-level support.

hosting essentials

free hosting support,

keeping you online.


We operate our own in-house network at cleanhosts.uk and only use direct, high-availability / low-latency connections to major Tier 1 providers and peering exchanges. This guarantees your content is delivered to your visitors at blazing speed.

Multiple Juniper routers connected to our redundant, multi-homed network core.

Upstream connections to GTT, Voxility, Link11, LINX.

150Gbit uplink network capacity.

Direct peering with over 700 networks.


DDoS protection

DDoS attacks are on the rise and pose a constant threat to both business and ‘hobby’ websites. Our in-house network employs both on-premise and upstream DDoS mitigation. This ensures your sites and our wider network can weather any attack without disruption.

Upstream filtering provided via direct interconnects with Voxility and Link11.

100Gbit of local scrubbing capacity via on-premise Corero equipment.

Ability to automatically redirect all inbound traffic via Voxility and/or Link11 to redirect malicious traffic away from local scrubbing.

care essentials

maintaining performance,

keeping you secure.


doing the right thing.

doing our part to reduce our environmental impact on the world is central to our business. That’s why our service operates on 100% renewable energy supplied directly by renewable sources.

our green ethos.

as a web hosting company, we are all too aware that datacentres require a tremendous amount of energy, which is why we work hard to not only achieve carbon neutrality of our electrical energy.