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Domain Names

The most common question we get asked as website developers in Liverpool and Manchester is, should we have or .com and here is our take on it. domain name means a British Business and a .com can mean a business anywhere in the world. The biggest companies on the internet know this and use it to their advantage: for example, UK buyers go to and not, and we recommend in the UK opt for

Website CoreUX

CORE UX offers Web Development for the internet and intranet which is for internal company use across an organisation. Websites can vary from 3-4 pages to as many as 50 pages however its important to keep the website clear and concise with not too much clutter. Our approach is always making it look visually interesting and make it optimized for Google and mobile devices.

Images & SEO

Images can make a website look very interesting and help to support the written content, this improve SEO by tagging the images correctly and this will assist with user engagement and improve accessibility of the website. It’s important to remain focussed on the overriding object and message of the website and not fill it out with images that are not relevant to the content and message.

Mobile Optimized

Its even more important through the foundation of design process of the website that consideration is given to how the system will appear on tablets and mobile devices, with 88% of engagement on the internet being carried out through mobile devices, we fully optimize our websites for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile devices so the transition adjustments are immediate when being browsed online through mobile applications.

“We are very excited about all the work CoreUX has done for our business. They completely changed the way we think about online activity.”

‘Customer’ Mark Leah, AztechDrones Manchester.

microsoft business email

Email and calendar, together in one place

Send, receive, and manage your email. Use Outlook’s built-in calendar to keep track of appointments and events.
pro anti spam at server level on

Clean Fast Hosting.


Secure Fast Servers #CleanHostsUK

Safety and Speed for hosting plans must include SSD platforms because they are fast and reliable plus run cooler on Its equally important that the servers and your website have SSL ‘Secure Socket Layers Certificates’ for added security but this is only one layer of security, and we have several other options to protect websites and email servers. Our data centre ensures top performance thanks to its bespoke 150-metre dark fibre network ring, multi-homed Border Gateway Protocol network, and cooling infrastructure.

Unique Pro Email ''

Having a unique email account has never been more important with email security and scamming become hotter news as the years pass by. A unique email address represents your business and improves visibility in the clutter of today’s emails and marketing plus not forgetting spam emails. We offer several pro email clients with fast servers and layers of security, but we always recommend that you download emails to a device and have browser and device security. Our email accounts can also be accessed anywhere in the world via webmail too.

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Liverpool City Region Website design and hosting with superfast SSD servers help CORE UX perform faster with content rich sites and multiple email clients with unique email accounts. To discover more about our website services that we provide for business in Liverpool, Wirral & Merseyside please visit our CORE UXBlog and work that we have recently carried out for clients such as Merseyside Police and Playfair Events who provide golf experience days for Liverpool Football Club, Lexus UK AND Charities in England & EU.

Sophisticated Google Analytics

Google is primary search engine and industry standard with Google Chrome Browser being so versatile, therefore having the Google Console Tools for Analytics is a trusted source to establish a meaningful SEO or PPC campaign with Advanced Statistical Modelling. The process of targeting key search terms and being more accurate with customers persona experience and right times to target clusters of audiences remains an area that requires testing across pages and website interaction. Visit our Google page here.

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